Stage 3 is about finalizing the marketing groundwork to ensure the correct positioning of your rocket to get the prospective customers excited and prepared to purchase your product/service upon launch. 

You will need to have the right digital toolbox in place to let the world know about your new product or service which is coming into the marketplace.


You must make sure your website is sharp, meaningful and appealing to your potential customers, making it easy and compelling for them to connect with, and purchase from you.

Social Media

You will select the best digital vehicles for your marketing messages and set up a strategy to ensure ongoing contact with the world of purchasers.

Email Marketing

You will design templated marketing emails and set up a program of release to targeted audiences.


After 16 weeks of working diligently on all three of these critical stages, you can rest assured that once the countdown commences, all systems are a GO for successful Lift Off!

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