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Transform your start-up idea into a successful business.

Taking Your Moonshot

A term commonly used to describe starting up your own business is “taking a moonshot”.  That’s because it’s far more difficult than many people realize and as you probably know, the statistics tell us that only 10% of new businesses make it through their first year

At SunDance Coaching, we liken the experience of bringing a new product or service to market, to that of the preparation needed to send a rocket to the moon.  Only we have more fun doing it!

If this is a new adventure for you, you need to work with an experienced business coach who can help you avoid common pitfalls, focus on what’s important and Get the Job Done.

Guarantee the Success of Your Start-Up

Our proven 16 week program covers all the critical elements you need in place to get you “Launch Ready”.  From Concept – to Combustion!

During this time we will work side by side to build your flight plan, your rocket and your launch pad.  At the end of 16 weeks, you will be ready and confident to commence countdown!

T-Minus 120 and counting

You will create a clear vision of your destination and then write a 6-chapter plan to get there.

You will add your expertise to your idea and develop the prototype and then run it through the appropriate testing cycles.

Positioning your rocket correctly and precisely within the marketplace in order to execute your successful launch sequence.

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