The SunDance Philosophy

Sundancing = Freedom

& Freedom is Priceless

Freedom of Time

to do the things you truly enjoy and have a passion for, including the work that you do

Freedom of Relationship

being with and around the people that you value most and share similar values and pleasures with

Freedom of Money

knowing that your needs are taken care of, your investments are secure and your ability to provide to causes that matter to you are in place

Freedom of Purpose

knowing that your lifestyle is intentional and that you are fulfilling your purpose

Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out.   -Jim Rohn

The Story

SunDance Coaching was founded by Michael Oakes with a determination to support the transformation and success of local start-up businesses.

Michael began his career as a college basketball coach and a Health & Physical Education instructor after receiving his Master’s Degree in Education at Montclair State University. He went on to work in management for major industry groups such as FedEx and the Hearst Corporation. But he was never comfortable with the big business culture, and so Michael moved on to become an entrepreneur and an innovator in the transportation and logistics industry, ultimately developing a national same-day delivery franchise network known as 1-800-COURIER.

Michael’s primary interest remains constant across these varying fields of education, athletics, and business: he has a tremendous passion for taking people beyond what they believe to be their limitations, helping them reach new levels of performance to achieve personal and professional success.

“I just love the excitement, enthusiasm and open-mindedness of start-up entrepreneurs. They inspire me to do my very best work!”

Michael Oakes

Founder of SunDance Coaching

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