michael and illayne, owners of sundance coaching in auburn ca

Business Transformation Specialists

Helping you achieve your dreams

Business Transformation Specialists

Helping you achieve your dreams

Richard Hall
Richard Hall
Owner & Attorney at BottomLine Lawyers
SunDance Coaching has proven an invaluable resource as I launch a new business and expand another. Working with Michael and Illayne may well prove to be the best business decision you'll ever make....it is for me!
Jason Call
Jason Call
Owner of Placer Digital
SunDance Coaching has literally transformed my dreams and talents into a viable, growing business in a matter of months. I highly recommend any business owner, entrepreneur, or "dreamer" to meet with Michael and Illayne and talk about the solutions they can provide. At first, I was skeptical of the idea of a "business coach", but the amazing results have turned me into a believer - every business owner needs a coach. Thank you SunDancel!
Lindsay Hamilton
Lindsay Hamilton
Owner of Bloom Where You're Planted
I was particularly impressed with the method they used to help me bring all my various services within my business and get it onto paper and then to a website. Before that they were ideas and dreams in my head.
Auburn State Theater
Auburn State Theater
Auburn, CA
Sundance Coaching provided consulting and preparation of organizational framework and worked with staff to create an operations manual for Auburn State Theatre; the non-profit organization that operates and manages the State Theatre in downtown Auburn California. Illayne's grasp of the layers and intricacies of the non-profit arts organization was excellent. Her responsiveness, detail oriented focus and flexibility resulted in a manual with which staff can grow and train new people joining the organization. We continue to expand the ways in which the guidelines provide consistency in the theater's operations and management.

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Michael Oakes

Michael began his career as a college basketball coach and a health and physical education instructor, after receiving his Master’s degree in Education from Montclair State University. He went on to work in management for major enterprises such as FedEx and the Hearst Corporation.

He then moved on to become an entrepreneur and an innovator in the transportation and logistics industry, ultimately developing the national same-day delivery franchise network, 1-800-COURIER. This equipped him with invaluable practical insights essential to the success of small and medium sized businesses.

Michael now combines his lifelong passions for education, coaching and small business to take people beyond what they believe to be their limitations and help them reach new heights of performance and success.

“I just love the excitement, enthusiasm and energy of start-up entrepreneurs. They inspire me to do my very best work!”

Illayne Mayson

Successful businesses don’t happen by accident – they are based on deliberate strategies and frameworks.

Illayne has an extensive history working for, and consulting to, multinational corporations such as ExxonMobil and Autodesk, managing process improvement teams in government departments and working with a variety of small and mid-sized private businesses, both in New Zealand and in the United States.

She adapts proven corporate best practices for the small business community, providing structured approaches that are practical and cost-effective. A thorough understanding of business challenges is the critical first step in identifying the true cause before solutions can be recommended. Finally, she validates the business processes needed to support growth and change.

“My passion is to help create a well-functioning organization that is fully prepared for the future – with happy, productive staff and satisfied customers.”

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